A place of inspiration and creation

Our studio is located in Itsaso, in the heart of Gipuzkoa; an environment surrounded by fields, forests and mountains that we observe and perceive from the windows of our workspace.

At the end of our studies, we discovered an empty place in the hometown of Maite's ama (mother): Itsaso's Old School was looking for a project to house. It was as if the place was waiting for us.

By signing the contract, we pledged to resume the teaching work that the building had housed for years. We began to spread knowledge of what  what we had learned with such enthusiasm about ceramics and, in return, we received a space where we could manufacture our dreams.

Maite, Jone y el taller Pott Keramika en 1995

Pott, our life proyect

Since then, we live and work in a rural environment where nature is felt in the air we breathe. We are surrounded by centuries-old homesteads and are part of a small community of neighbors, where human capital is of great wealth.

This environment gives us tranquility, serenity, inspiration ... That is why, when we decided to make the leap to a new space, we do not hesitate to stay in this nook (see if we liked it, that our current studio is located about 150 meters away from the previous one).

For us, Pott Keramika is more than a workshop, it is a project that encompasses our way of seeing the world. In Pott we love working with clay, but also… to knead, listen; bake, sing; draw, observe, model, devise, teach, run, sell, entertain, turn, reflect, experience, laugh, photograph, recycle, enamel, live together; investigate, look, live, feel...

Maite y Jone en el estudio Pott Keramika en Itsaso (Gipuzkoa)

Shaping your ideas

The pieces we make in Pott Keramika are handmade, pampered throughout the process of creation by the two potters. That gives them a unique character that differentiates them from mass productions.

We have a small-scale production, in which we offer pieces made with traditional artisan techniques worked from a contemporary point of view. They are ceramics designed for today, for people looking for something different, to escape the masses.

We also work on the development of ideas on request, taking into account the individual needs of companies, institutions and individuals, combining techniques and design. We like to get involved in each project and establish a close relationship with the client to provide customized solutions, adapted to each order.

We make personalized, original and exclusive trophies for the world of sport and culture. We also work the labeling on wall plates in materials of great resistance to the weather.

If you have any ideas in mind, we will shape it.

Maite y Jone trabajando en el estudio Pott Keramika de Itsaso (Gipuzkoa)

Teaching based in joy

Although our study is no longer located in the Old School, the teaching is still very present in our day to day. For us, it is important to transmit all our knowledge in an entertaining and understandable way, so that we can all enjoy ceramics and contribute to keep this ancient trade alive.

Jóvenes y mayores aprendiendo cerámica en el estudio Pott

Currently, we teach ceramic workshops in different formats:

On the one hand, we offer pottery workshops every Wednesday in our studio, where we work with clay and creativity for two hours in the afternoon. These classes are aimed at all audiences.

On the other hand, we also organize one-day workshops (2 or 3 hours) for concerted groups, where you can enjoy more personalized classes.

It is a pleasure to see how the people who participate in these workshops discover the world of ceramics, develop their creativity and enjoy learning different techniques every day.

Have we piqued your curiosity and you want to experiment with ceramics? Did you think it was a special environment and you want to come to visit us? Or did you like our pieces and the way we work and want to tell us? Call us, write us, contact us by whatsapp... whatever you want, we will be happy to talk to you.

+34 615 756 666 (Maite)   ·   +34 688 633 627 (Jone)